Intelligence for your
thriving community.


Smart City Platform

Light up your business district where all aspects of life come together to make every business and amenity stand out. Personalized and tailored content delivered in a hyperlocalized model. It is good for business, good for people and creates a community. One citizen centric application to drive commerce and growth.






A living social network in your community where you, the citizen, come first. Easy access to your home, car and personal environment tailored to your needs.


Tools to grow your business, know your customers, and build relationships are placed at your fingertips. Take your business anywhere with you.

Concierge for your business

Ask questions, have a conversation and create lasting relationships with your customer. We supply an integrated marketing and operations solution for restaurants, service businesses, coworking and mixed-use office environments.


Make living fun, whether you're looking for that new summer shoe or the best wu-tang-tots, PAL helps find and discover thrilling new experiences for you.

Activities & Community

Find, discover and interact with your family, friends and favorite places. Create activities, chat and interact without wasting time searching for information or services or fear of privacy invasions.


Education and training delivered from around the globe in an ultra modern continuous learning environment designed for the ever-changing knowledge landscape.

Happy Engaged Citizens

Cities can all benefit from an integrated live work play learn environment. Hyper-connected with an AI backbone our platform can deliver greater quality of citizen life, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.


Business Friendly


Mixed-use developers

Drive engagement, create community, and provide an unrivaled citizen experience. Our platform provides simplified operations and easy access to services delivered through an AI integrated concierge within a smart district.

Improvement districts

Create excitement by providing a hyper-localized experience for consumers and businesses to promote commerce and growth with multiple AI-enabled mobile and web engagement models for the resident, visitor, worker and student.

Upcoming cities

Connect people, places, and things to improve quality of life, safety and opportunity. More than smart lights: we offer tangible solutions that streamline operations and reduce costs through an AI-integrated platform that is future-proof and adaptable.

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