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Simply Speak.

Having a conversation between a brand and its customers builds loyalty. We enable customized, tailored and adaptive intelligence to make each experience the best it can be.


More than just a bot that talks gibberish, AI that learns about you over time to customize your experience.


Different moments require different answers, we target the best answer for the time, place and intention.


As we learn more, we create a bond between you and your favorite brands by giving the best ideas, suggestions and products that fit your style.

Engage Customers with Your own AI Assistant.

Whether you have a small business or a global brand you can take advantage of using AI to help deliver great experiences and targeted information to your customers.

We want to restore the benefits of knowing your customer through conversation. We provide tools to to create tailored interactions that lead to great experiences. Every business, large or small, can have their own affordable AI assistant that learns and adapts to remove needless complexity and reduce costs.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

By investing in consumer direct approach you can eliminate the need for ineffective ad spend. You can promote, measure, refine and manage your brand within a single platform.

Loyalty by Design

Unlike Google, Facebook, or ad bots, our AI assistant allows you to understand the nuances that your customers are experiencing. You have access to your customers’ insights giving you priceless information about your market segmentation.

Privacy First Approach

We take a privacy first model and share the insights you need to deliver a great experience and the personal information the citizen wants to share through our PAL based moment manager without spying or using data-brokers through our moment manager and PAL. A win-win for everyone.

For Your Store

Our web and mobile conversation experience will help drive customer engagement. By using your existing product and service information in new ways we can tailor and customize the customer journey.


Any product, pricing, hours, events, reviews, promotions and existing customer data can be integrated into our platform. Our publishing engine ensures your content is always fresh and relevant.


Our Smart City platform integrates all local businesses to make your business easy to discover. You are part of a community not some distant website or app that no one can find and won’t use.


We provide a conversational overlay to present dynamic rich content about your product and services. Tired of building websites? Talk to us about a full conversational model for consumer experiences.

Create Awareness

Reach your audience and promote your products through simple, targeted, conversations.

Build Loyalty

Create memorable conversations and build a relationship with your customers.

Increase Conversions

Help people find what they want, anticipate their next steps, catch them before they are gone.

AI Sandbox for Developers

You can develop your own or have us custom build AI models to create a unique conversation for your customers. You can add your own dialogs and intelligence directly in our AI sandbox. You get a mobile and web experience out of the box that you own and control. Add your product to our asset store and create additional revenue.

Want to create a new AI for the betterment of people


Reach out to us whether you need an AI conversational experience (mobile and web) for your store, brand or e commerce site. If you are looking for a better customer service experience or would like to overlay conversations on your existing digital storefront, all these options are available with You can also participate in one of our smart-districts coming to a neighborhood near you.

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