Digital Storefront

Deliver a Unique
Customer Experience

The Digital Storefront provides marketing tools, POS integration, hours, menus for services and food, online ordering and a personalized AI digital assistant to help the customers. Each of these applications can be enabled or disabled on a per location – per business basis.

Your business is fully integrated into the Digital City fabric without any effort and your products and services will be available to all users within the Digital City footprint. In addition you can advertise and sponsor events and promotions that will be automatically A/B tested and optimized based on our personalization engine.

By providing the same AI and big data technology as enterprises, we level the playing for small business and allow them to compete in modern digital cities.

Multi-location retailers can seamlessly switch from one location to another and use our advanced ML/AI tools to predict and optimize enterprise performance, look for problems using predictive analytics and refine their message and models. Omni channel is built into the Digital City Fabric.

Restaurant Edition

One solution for all front-office applications including events, ordering, menus, hours, specials, reviews, games and awards to attract and retain happy customers.

• AI Personal Assistant
• Member Experience
• Events & Training
• Community Engagement

Food Hall Edition

A seamless experience that streamlines operations so mixed venue restaurateurs can provide an experience that creates a destination and provides for efficient operations and logistics.

• Custom Themes
• Seamless Consumer Experiences
• Integrated Marketing
• Supply Chain Optimization

Business Edition

We provide tools to create tailored interactions that lead to great experiences. Every business, large or small, can have their own affordable AI assistant that learns and adapts to remove needless complexity and reduce costs.

• Personalized Customer Experiences
• CSR Chat & AI
• Dynamic CMS & POS
• Operational Efficiency

Brand Edition

This model is focused solely on bringing highly customized experiences from a brand directly to their customer through an immersive web experience.  

• Connect to Real Time Inventory
• Push Sales (Flash, Coupon, Loyalty)
• CSR Chat & AI
• Personalized Dynamic Content

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