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The Digital Office experience is designed as a fully functional integrated office platform designed to run day to day operations and put time back in your day. One platform to manage all aspects of innovation centers, coworking, and traditional offices.

We provide tools to streamline your business with instant messaging, multi-location management, booking, events, a marketing sandbox for campaigns, and more all wrapped in one easy to use application. 

For coworking and innovation centers, there is an invoice and billing module that takes the headaches out of rent management. With multi-locations your members can seamlessly switch from one location to another and get their work done no matter where they are.

In addition, each member gets their own copy of the Digital Office providing the same tools to help them build their enterprises

Small Business Edition

The tools needed to streamline operations and level the playing field so you can compete in the modern digital world. By using the Digital Office platform you can streamline operations, create an innovation environment and operate your business efficiently and cost effectively. 

• AI Business and Location Assistant
• Marketing & e-commerce Platform
• Collaboration Suite
• Operations and logistics optimization

Innovation Edition

A turnkey system to run space as a service or a corporation’s innovation hub with member tools to grow business, deliver great experiences and expand the community whether it’s one or a thousand locations.

• AI Location and Member’s Assistant
• Digital Office for Members
• Booking, Events & Training
• Invoicing, payments and ticket management

Education Edition

Combining innovation capabilities with collaboration and community features creates a premier environment for learning. Developer tools including the AI/ML sandbox that provides a playground to develop new applications and incubate new ideas for entrepreneurial programs. 

• AI/ML Sandbox for learning
• Integrated Chat
• Activities & Events
• Marketing Platform

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